Aug 10, 2009


Image of my fall semester project on Trespa's Flickr..
Mine is in the front to the left..


Jul 26, 2009

Apr 7, 2009

Apr 6, 2009




Mar 28, 2009

Nov 16, 2008

Jul 1, 2008

Clock Parts

Jun 23, 2008

Loft bed for my sister. Walk in closet and desk beneath bed.

Feb 13, 2008

Material reflectivity test.

Panoramic photostitch of San Pietro at the Vatican.

Jan 9, 2008

Chimney Topology

Wire and Fabric

Sep 2, 2007

Venice from La Giudecca

Can you spot the photostitch glitch?

Aug 22, 2007

Give it a look-see. This was shot somewhere between Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

May 24, 2007

The red curtain was inspired by David Lynch. The rest just fell into place.

"irresponsible abuse of technology, or architecture?"
you decide.

May 15, 2007

Long Island City site analysis.
-a topographical diagram measuring inhabitation
according to a reinterpretation of NYC zoning data

Apr 19, 2007

After working in the 3d print shop for nearly a whole semester, I have finally completed my first print. and its less than a cubic inch. but its really cute. It represents one in a field of modules that will compose the roofing structure for the natatorium.

Apr 12, 2007

The seating tiers merge out of the floor in our natatorium design


Mar 19, 2007

Among my reasons for not posting regularly are : school. That's it. and general exhaustion.

I am attempting to reinvigorate the blog with fresh material, (or at least back-logged material). My work will appear in roughly chronological order, however its hard to keep it that way since the posts are chronological in themselves... I will also mix in other images that seem relevant, or perhaps photos. Enjoy!


Feb 27, 2006

Browery Zoning Analysis

Brendan Wilkins

Feb 25, 2006

Gisela Vidalle 202 Site Model 2006

Jan 28, 2006

photo of site for projected library/archive at Lafayette and Bond st. in Manhattan Posted by Picasa

rendering of lego blocks Posted by Picasa

a rendering I did of an imaginary hand-held device Posted by Picasa

Jan 25, 2006

Hand drawn study of

Strawberry Vale Elementary School , Section 2

by Brendan Wilkins, 2005

Hand drawn study of

Strawberry Vale Elementary School , Section 1

by Brendan Wilkins, 2005

Hand drawn study of

Strawberry Vale Elementary School , Section 3

by Brendan Wilkins, 2005

Dec 17, 2005

A picture of Higgins Hall Center Building, Brooklyn, NY (link)

I guess the semester is over, so its time to go home and recharge the batteries. Vacations really have the effect of reviving my mind and spirit, not to mention fattening me up for when I come back and its pouring down buckets of snow. I will miss the intensity with which I live while here in NY, but not the unrelenting layers of assignment sheets that continue to pile on my desk. Here's to a very educational semester, and to more success in the coming year.



Nov 23, 2005

Ok, so it has been awhile. For this I apologise, but work at school has to take prescidence. There is a photo dyptic of the higgins center entrance that I want to take> one in the day and one at night. It will be here soon.

Oct 3, 2005

Finally! Hand Drawings!

Finally! Hand drawings!